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The nature and objectives of business-to-business (B2B) buyers and their expectations of working with suppliers and partners have changed. Suppliers and players in the B2B market are now expected to provide content, functionality, experiences and value that their professional
business buyers will leverage to enrich their own value proposition. If you ignore this reality, your strategy will not succeed.

By leveraging Microsoft technologies and solutions, Moove-si can advise and support you in the digital transformation of your B2B business processes.

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Several players are involved in the energy market in France (producers, suppliers, network managers or distributors). With Microsoft, we are committed to acting for the future by making available technologies that enable you to optimise your business processes and to
providing solutions and software applications capable of optimising energy savings, proposing alternative solutions and influencing the energy mix by promoting renewable energies.

We have the cloud solutions (Azure, Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365) that will enable you to penetrate this market with alternative, economical, ecological and high-performance solutions.

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Dynamics 365

You’ve heard of Industry 4.0. But what exactly is it and, above all, how can digital technology help you optimise the entire value chain?

French industry has halted its decline. Since 2017, manufacturing output has returned to positive territory, with an increase of 2.9%. However, the challenges are many and the stakes considerable for the French economy and our manufacturing companies.

Against this backdrop, the concept of Industry 4.0 (convergence of the virtual world, digital design, operational management and unique products) combined with new technologies (machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Cloud (IaaS, Paas, Saas), augmented reality) offers new
productivity gains and the agility to meet future challenges and objectives.

The combination of applications and solutions in the 3 Microsoft Clouds (AZURE, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics) provides concrete answers to your competitiveness and productivity challenges.



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In France, the healthcare system is made up of a large number of players, mainly grouped into 4 categories (healthcare professionals, administrators, public, mutual and private players and, of course, patients). The State also plays an important role with the Ségur du numérique en Santé.

The aim is to support the digital transition of all professionals and users to improve care and support.

Microsoft offers a wide range of solutions, including Dynamics CRM, a Cloud dedicated to the healthcare sector, and Microsoft 365 applications for collaboration and secure information sharing.

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Whether you’re a publisher or a Digital Service Provider (DSP), you face a number of challenges. In a hyper-competitive market, your value proposition will enable you to stand out from the crowd, optimise your daily rates and margins and thus guarantee your growth and profitability. Managing your prospect pipeline, recruiting and retaining customers and staff, and steering your business are all major challenges facing you.

French business leaders have realised the importance of digital technology, and with the Covid crisis, IT spending has increased. The market is expected to grow by 8.5% by 2022.

With Dynamics 365 solutions, you can optimise your end-to-end business processes, automate and digitise the customer journey, boost productivity, win new customers and build customer loyalty.

By taking advantage of the synergies between the various solutions and applications from Microsoft (world leader in enterprise software), you can win new market share and grow your business.

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Marketing Automation

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There are around 120,000 companies in this BtoB market in France. The need to digitise has become essential, and new players with disruptive 100% digital strategies are disrupting the market and customers with high expectations. With the arrival of marketplaces, disintermediation takes on its full meaning and overturns the established rules.

The combination of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 will enable you to meet the new digital challenges, in particular by facilitating collaboration and secure communication between the various players in the industry.
Logistics flows are digitised from end to end, and the entire information system can be accessed on the move using Power Platform solutions.

Optimize, digitalize and automate the sales process - Larraqué Wines International

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