Optimize, digitalize and automate the sales process

Larraqué Wines International  | Wholesale

A need for simplicity and efficiency

Larraqué Vins International is a group of about 100 people who own, negotiate and harvest Bordeaux wines. It operates 1,509 hectares of vineyards with a turnover of more than 60 million Euros. 70% of sales are made to supermarkets and the company is present in more than 45 export countries.

All the activities are growing strongly and the strategy implemented by Pierre Jean Larraqué via the historical subsidiaries requires adapted and evolving IT applications capable of meeting the challenges and objectives of the group.

The decision was made to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to optimize, digitize and automate the sales process.

To provide our client with a sustainable foundation for his performance

With the development of commercial activities in France and abroad, the follow-up and management of the activity in the retail sector became more complex, time-consuming and a source of errors and re-entries. Until now, this activity was managed by cumbersome and time-consuming solutions that were poorly interconnected with the back office.

It appeared necessary to set up a real tool of linear survey, adapted to the functioning of the team and allowing to make reliable and digitalize the business processes to improve the operational performance.

Gains and benefits

The implementation of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM allowed for the centralization of up-to-date operational data in a single back office application. Hosted in the cloud, the application interacts natively with Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint and Exchange email with Outlook). In the field, sales representatives in the retail sector use a business application built with Power Apps.

They now have all their customer data and product range up to date, online or offline.

Totally adapted to the constraints of the field, it increases the operational productivity of the sales representatives for the linear surveys, the calculation of the DN, the reports of appointments and the promotions.

The sales management has daily access to reliable and up-to-date data to measure and manage the activity. The CRM has significantly improved the efficiency of area managers in the field.